Marco Rossetti was born in Rome on the 22nd of May 1959. He began his study of the classical guitar at the age of 16, with Vincenzo Ricciuti.

His wide range of interests have also included Rock, Folk and Blues on the acoustic and electric guitar. Since the early 80’s Marco has refined his composing and performing skills at FOLKSTUDIO in Rome (a club founded by Giancarlo Cesaroni, where many international musicians frequently perform). Marco is often requested to perform in prestigious festivals, alongside such international luminaries as John Renbourn, Irio de Paula, Preston Reed, Mike Cooper, Francesco Guccini, etc.

In 1984 he performed at the 2nd LIZARD CONVENTION, created by Giovanni Unterberger, together with other famous guitarists such as, Unterberger, Duck Baker, Stefan Grossman, and others. From a special request, Marco recorded for LIZARD, in 1985 an album (Guitàroma) featuring some of his original compositions for acoustic guitar.
After his classical studies with Claudio Capodieci and his diploma with full marks at the Conservatorio “S. Cecilia” in Rome, he attends several master classes of international musicians like Manuel Barrueco, Angelo Gilardino, José Tomás, Christoph Yäggin.
With Luciano Coletta he further deepened his knowledge of important technical and interpretative aspects related to the classical guitar repertoire.
With Franco Sbacco he conducted exhaustive studies concerning the analysis of the musical language in its historic and stylistic evolution.
He currently teaches guitar at the Conservatorio “F. Torrefranca” in Vibo Valentia.