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Marco Rossetti - Seguendo le nuvole... (works for guitar)

(by Angelo Gilardino)
The music of Marco Rossetti exists because the guitar exists. I am not thinking about the idiomatic features of his writing (the composer is a skilled guitarist, so it is obvious that his music fits his instrument), but it is something deeper and more subtle. It is specifically the identification of the poetical features of his compositions and the unique aspects of a signature guitar sound. It seems to me appropriate to call this music monologue in the form of a dialogue (there are many examples of it in literature).

I think there is no other instrument which, like the guitar, can be a kind of alter ego of the performer: to some people playing and composing with the guitar is not using an instrument but dialoguing with themselves, that is creating a kind of monologue. The musical idea develops along a route ...
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CD - Marco Rossetti - Seguendo le nuvole...
Marco Rossetti, guitar

I. Seguendo le nuvole...
2. Fantasia mistica
3. Il respiro dell'alba
4. Momento blues I
5. Memoria del mare
6. Sviluppo
7. Fantasia evocativa
8. L'eremita del lago
9. Momento blues II
IO. Libero di volare
11. Fantasia elegiaca
12. Tripudio
13. Folk song
14. Relitti di sogno
15. Ballata romantica
16. Il libro dei ricordi
17. Giorno sublime
18. Danza del tempo che passa
19. Nel delta delle emozioni
20. Il giardino degli artisti
21. Improvvisazione
22. Epilogo...